“Heap of Bones”– Now Available in Paperback

ImageAfter the ruin of California’s coastline in the 20th century, ragged bands of dispirited surfers began migrating down the Baja highway in pursuit of a lifestyle they couldn’t find north of the border anymore. In this humorous and colorful chronicle, Steve Sorensen, a surf refugee who made that journey and became a permanent resident of Mexico, describes what the expat surfers found: an alien landscape, a strange culture, and spectacular waves. For the benefit of his fellow mojados, Sorensen offers his advice in: identifying and removing false apparitions, exorcising demons while surfing alone, finding cheap colonoscopies in the barrio, caring for dying burros, getting tough with crooked cops, surviving attacks from bloodsucking insects, plus, a guide to the Baja surfer’s essential pilgrimage to Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.