Another Whale’s Tail

Just finished this Whale Tail.  I painted this tail using metallic paint which adds some sparkle to  the tail.  It stand 14 inches tall.

Small Whale's Tail


Four New Babies

I have just finished four new fish for a restaurant called Drunken Sailor located in Puerto los Cabos across the road from the new Hotel el Ganzo in San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico. These babies will be on display until someone buys them or I miss them so much I have to bring them home. Enjoy.

38 inches (not including sword)
38 inches (not including sword)
39 inches
Red Snapper
32 inches
44 inches

These fish are made to hang on a wall. I am currently working on four new fish that are complete on both sides and can be displayed on a table or hung from the ceiling.